The Jordaan was an isolated  neighbourhood founded in the 17th century. The Prinsengracht, Brouwersgracht, Lijnbaansgracht en Leidsegracht limit this district.

In the beginning of the  17th century European emigrants and workers lived in this neighbourhood.

In the middle of the 19th and in the beginning of the 20th century there was a lot of social unrest. It was so violent that the Municipal of Amsterdam decided to asphalt the vowel streets of this district, so the people couldn’t use the pitchers for baric seams.

After the war the district pauperized. The city of Amsterdam renovated the Jordaan in the seventies.

Now there live only 12.000 people instead of the 85.000.

The natives moved to the suburbs like Almere and Purmerend. Chiefly students, artists and yups live now in this district.

Now it’s like The Quartier Latin in Paris.

The groceries and vegetable shops became restaurants and boutiques.

The famous Dutch author of the beginning of the 20th century  Theo Thijssen, who wrote many novels about the Jordaan, grew up in this neighbourhood.